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JT OLifer

October 13, 2021
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Product Detail

JT Olifer is family font of Jolicia Type designed by Laire Banyu Sandi Pawenang in October 2021, JT Olifer inspired by Modern Typography developed by us in our perspective, with a typeface detail in every corner we make more rounded, and give an inktrap accent to make unique impression special in every glyph, we really consider about aspect legibility, therefore we make family font amount 40 to assist the selection according to visual needs.


Font type of JT Olifer contains several nuances that combain aesthetic, contemporary and modern, furthermore we make some alternates glyph that have a friendly and subtle impression, for example ‘f’ the alternate of this name our font we designed is more circular and smooth.


JT Olifer has a total of 465 letters with regular, slanted and condensed styles support in 90 languages :


Afrikaans Albanian Asu Basque Bemba Bena Breton Catalan Chiga Colognian Cornish Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Embu

English Esperanto Estonian Faroese Filipino Finnish French Friulian GalicianGanda German Gusii Hungarian Inari Sami Indonesian

Irish Italian Jola-Fonyi Kabuverdianu Kalaallisut Kalenjin Kamba Kikuyu Kinyarwanda Latvian Lithuanian Lower Sorbian Luo Luxembourgish

Luyia Machame Makhuwa-Meetto Makonde Malagasy Maltese Manx Meru Morisyen Northern Sami

North Ndebele Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Nynorsk Nyankole Oromo Polish Portuguese Quechua Romanian Romansh Rombo

Rundi Rwa Samburu Sango Sangu Scottish Gaelic Sena Serbian Shambala Shona Slovak Soga Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish Swiss

German Taita Teso Turkish Upper Sorbian Uzbek (Latin) Volapük Vunjo Walser Zulu